CN0182 - Servo Drive

PID PM Motor Servo
Stepmotor Emulation
Analog TTL Encoder
25 Amps, 80 Volts
Step / Direction Inputs
Fault Protected
Replaces Step Motors

The CN0182 makes a brush type DC servomotor emulate a step motor, preserving all of the advantages of a step motor while dispensing with many of its disadvantages. When driven by the CN0182, an encoder equipped servomotor will track step and direction inputs like a step motor, while adding the advantages of a servomotor's high speed, high peak torque, low heating and absence of resonances. The CN0182 when used in conjunction with a suitable servomotor and encoder can replace a stepper motor and drive without having to change the indexer or its programming.

The CN0182 accepts both TTL and analog (sine-cosine) encoders. Servo "hunting" is eliminated using an analog encoder, resulting in a perfectly still motor when stopped. In either case, the encoder line count is multiplied by four internally.

The CN0182 is a PID closed loop servo. It derives velocity information from the encoder, so a tachometer is not required. Trimpots are used to adjust the proportional and derivative coefficients and servo lock is +/- 128 counts. Current limit is trimpot adjustable from 0 to 25 amps. Short-circuit and over-temperature protection is provided.

A high efficiency all n-channel MOSFET output stage and a low current consumption circuit design minimizes drive heating. An epoxy encapsulated package and a robust circuit design contributes to a reliable and rugged servo drive.

CN0182 Diagram


Resolution: X4 Encoder Line Count

Power Supply Voltage: 18 VDC to 80 VDC

Motor Current: 0 to 25 Amps

Switching Frequency: 25 kHz

Step Pulse Rate: 0 to 500 kHz

Power Dissipation: 70 Watts (max)

Encoder Power Supply: +/- 5 VDC @ 100 Ma

Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 Deg C
(-4 to 158 Deg F)

Weight: 20 Oz (567 g)

Size: 4" X 4.5" X .8"
(101.6mm X 114.3mm X 21.5mm)

Made in USA

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